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The success of your business is crucial so make sure you are covered for every eventuality with the right insurance cover. From employers’ liability insurance which is required by law to professional indemnity insurance and product liability insurance, protect your business against costly claims.

Ensure key members of staff are covered with specialist directors’ and officers’ insurance and provide for your employees with healthcare and benefits.

If you are a sole trader or a limited company, freelancer, work from home or a consultant, we can provide the specialist cover you need.

As a recruitment consultant you are privy to confidential information and also complete personal background checks on a daily basis, so it is essential to protect yourself against potential claims around data breaches.

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If you are a tradesman or you work in construction, you and your employees could be climbing ladders and walking on wet surfaces on a daily basis. Even if you make sure all the correct health and safety measures are in place, accidents and costly claims can happen, so make sure you are properly covered.

There are a large number of pet care businesses providing a service for a nation of pet lovers – from dog groomers and walkers to breeders and pet shops. As a result, there is a wide range of pet business insurance available to cater for the specific requirements of your job in the industry.

This specific profession is often a minefield for litigation and the responsibilities in your job demand that you must be able to produce inventory clerk’s insurance on request. Make sure you are sufficiently covered with a bespoke policy.

You provide risk assessment as part of your consultancy process for your clients, but you shouldn’t forget about the risks to your own business. Whether you work in health and safety, environmental management or fire safety management, specialist insurance cover will give you ultimate peace of mind.

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As an engineer you solve problems with your innovations – don’t let the threat of risk hold back your creativity. Specialist engineering insurance uses specific industry expertise to make sure that you you are covered.

Specialist cleaning industry insurance is vital as it will cover all those risks which are unique to your line of work, whether that is damage to property that you are working in, using chemicals or keeping your clients’ door keys secure.

Operating in the beauty industry means you will be trying new treatments, new products and new equipment for the latest styles and looks and that always comes with risk. Make sure you are sufficiently covered against any potential risk or claim with the right beauty insurance cover.

Design and build projects involve huge sums of money so the amount you may have to pay out can be considerable if you face a claim. An architects and surveyors insurance package allows you to do your job without worry.

From small independent shops to large outlets and from stock damage to supply chain problems, it is vital that you are covered by sufficient retailer insurance to maintain your sales continuity if something goes wrong.

Insurance covers you against risk and with rapidly developing technology, these risks can shift and expand quickly in the technology industry. Specialist technology insurance will protect your business against an array of events that could have a severe financial impact.

If you work in the transport and freight industry you need to keep moving forward, whatever obstacles may get in your way. All your specialist vehicles can be covered by policies tailored to each vehicle and mode of transport used in your business.

Wholesalers and manufacturers share common risks within their business, so it makes sense that you are protected with similar policies, whether you are a large manufacturer with multiple factories or a small sole trader making your own products.

The continual advances in technology mean that advertising and media agencies face ever-changing new risks. Make sure you are adequately protected by specialist media insurance which evolves to meet new developments within your industry.

Whether you deal with commercial properties or residential properties, you will be working with a wide array of clients as well as dealing with the general public. You need to know that you are sufficiently insured to protect your business and your reputation.

You analyse the risks your clients are dealing with and you put controls in place to reduce those risks, so it makes sense for you to protect your own business in the same way with specialist insurance for management consultants.

Fledgling businesses are very vulnerable to risk and so business insurance for startups is essential for their success and growth. Many types of insurance are needed by law and some are there to give you the confidence to create the business that you have dreamed of.

If you are a victim of theft or damage or you make a mistake, it could mean the end for your business if you do not have specialist working from home insurance. Don’t put your business at risk – make sure that you are covered.

If you are unable to work due to injury or illness or a client sues you for more money than you have, you have everything to lose if you aren’t protected. Take on projects without worry with freelancer insurance.

Having sole trader insurance in place will set you ahead of your competitors when you pitch to clients, plus you will be able to run your business with the peace of mind that you and your business are protected if the worst was to happen.

You can tailor your professional insurance package to suit your business needs. Some insurance policies may be required by law, whilst others are wise to include as they could ultimately protect your company against costly claims.

If you work as a contractor, you need to protect you and your business against any financial risks and also cover your legal responsibilities. Clients will legally require you to have insurance before entering into a contract with you.

You will be able to operate more competitively if you are protected against any negative outcome. Consultant insurance ensures your consultancy business can continue to run whatever happens.

What would happen to your business if an entire shipment were lost? If that seems unthinkable then you need to consider safeguarding your cargo with the relevant insurance.

Complement your standard health insurance policy with Medex Protect, a medical excess and shortfall protection plan which generates savings on your healthcare premiums.

Spread the cost of your healthcare with a healthcare cash plan which helps you pay for the cost of routine healthcare treatment and appointments up to a maximum specified limit.

Specifically designed to provide cover to those who work for themselves rather than an employer, self employed insurance can be tailored to your own unique business needs.

Any business is exposed to natural disaster and accidents. Your business must be sufficiently insured to protect your staff and yourself, plus your day to day business activity and your premises.

If you supply products to the public, you are liable to make sure those products are safe. Product liability insurance covers your business against injury or damage caused by a product you have sold, supplied, designed or repaired.

Don’t worry if you knock a glass of red wine all over the sofa or carpet – your accidental damage insurance policy will pay out for items that are damaged due to an accident or spillage.

You are required by law to have commercial vehicle insurance. A standard vehicle insurance policy will does not offer the same level of protection and you risk a fine or driving ban if you are caught driving uninsured.

From tiling to carpentry and roofing, a career as a tradesman has its own risks. Protect yourself and your employees against injuries and accidents and enjoy total peace of mind in your trade.

From hair dye to heat treatments, there are many accidents that can occur in salons due to the nature of the industry. Make sure your business is protected if a client claims against you.

Protect your pub or bar with specialist insurance cover, designed to protect your building, contents and stock, plus liability cover and business interruption.

Protect your reputation and secure your next gig with DJ public liability insurance, which provides cover for any accidents or injuries sustained by third parties.

If you own a retail business which operates within a commercial property or an online shop, you can protect your livelihood against claims, loss and damage.

From a small business party to a conference, public liability insurance covers you from claims made by third parties if they are injured or suffer loss or damage to their property at an event you organise.

The only type of business insurance that is required by law if you have at least one employee, employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of claims from employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Things never go to plan on a building site, so insurance cover for work that you are in the midst of, plus cover for almost any damage or loss from severe weather to theft is key.

Marine cargo insurance does not just cover goods at sea. It insures your essential stock, freight and cargo against damage or loss caused during transportation by sea, air or land.

It is advisable to put your money where your mouth is! The dental health of you and your family is important. If you need regular dental check ups, dental insurance could help to lower your costs.

It is vital that you protect all the assets that you rely on to keep your business trading. The ideal way to do this is with comprehensive business contents insurance.

Motor fleet insurance means you bulk buy your insurance from just one provider, allowing you to take advantage of a discount when buying a large amount at a lower price.

An all-inclusive business cover in a single policy, bringing together a range of covers all-in-one. This insurance cover gives all round financial security for your complete peace of mind.

Your office is your home from home – many people spend more time in their office than they do in their house, so it is essential to protect your environment with insurance against theft or damage.

Being a director or an officer of a company holds responsibilities and exposes you to personal liability for the actions of staff. This could result in a large fine or even a prison term unless you protect yourself with directors and officers insurance.

The bad news is that data breaches in online systems are now as much of a certainty as death and taxes. The good news is that cyber liability insurance in the UK provides you with a safety net.

If your business is accused of providing inadequate services, advice or designs to a client, PI insurance provides cover for the legal costs of defending the claim, plus any compensation.

This policy covers against specific risks associated with a commercial property such as a shop, office or restaurant, plus the risks attached to tenants renting the property.

Company health insurance is offered as an employment benefit, giving your employees access to private medical facilities so they can avoid NHS waiting times for a faster diagnosis.

Death in service cover is a type of life insurance which pays out a tax free lump sum to beneficiaries if an employee dies whilst in employment.

Run your business with ultimate peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance policies. From policies to protect your office building and its contents to fleet insurance for your business vehicles, plus healthcare and indemnity cover, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.
Run your business with ultimate peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance policies. From policies to protect your office building and its contents to fleet insurance for your business vehicles, plus healthcare and indemnity cover, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.