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What is multi-car insurance?

Almost a quarter of UK households now own more than one car, so it makes sense that you can group together two to five cars on one car insurance policy, known as a multi-car insurance policy. Sometimes you can also use your no claims bonus to include several cars.

Multi-car insurance in the UK offers the same as normal cover, but at discounted rates – the more cars you have on one policy, the cheaper it is. Insurers will also offer more favourable terms if there are more cars in the household than drivers.

How does multi-car insurance work in the UK?

It’s a win-win situation for both the insurer and the owners of the insured cars. Would you rather have all your cars on one policy at a discounted price, or have to seek out different insurance policies for each car with other companies?

Not only do you get a discount, but a multi-car insurance policy allows you to set different excesses and choose different levels of cover for each car so you get the cheapest price you can – all with one set of paperwork and a single renewal date.

Why do I need multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance helps many UK households with more than one car to save money on their insurance. Not just for families, couples can also benefit from a multi-car insurance policy.

In addition, families with cars at different addresses can use multi-car insurance, such as when students are driving back and forth to their parents’ house from university.

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