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What is family health insurance?

Your family is often the most important thing in your life, so it is your natural instinct to give them the best. One of the most important aspects of financial planning is protecting your family and a specialist family health insurance policy is the ideal way to make sure they are seen as soon as possible when they fall ill, receiving the best care.

A family health insurance policy will provide you with peace of mind should a member of your family fall ill. The policy will provide fast access to medical treatment, with no need to wait for an NHS appointment.

What different types of family health insurance are there?

Family life is expensive, but family health insurance doesn’t have to break the bank – there are many different levels of cover and different plans out there to suit your own budget.

Usually family health insurance policies require a monthly premium payment, then whenever treatment is required, the policy will then pay out, up to the specified cover limits.

Some family health insurance policies only cover you as an inpatient and some also include outpatient help, so ensure you check the exact details of your policy to ensure you know what you are covered for.

A family health policy may also provide health advice and support via a helpline, which is invaluable if your baby should develop a rash or you’re not sure which is the best medication to take for those troublesome aches and pains.

Health cash plans pay out a cash sum towards your family’s routine health care costs when you or a family member who is named on the policy visit a dentist, optician or physiotherapist.

Some family health insurance plans offer discounts and incentives at other health and well being providers so that you can feel the value of your insurance every day.


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