DJ Public Liability Insurance

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What is DJ public liability insurance?

As a DJ, your decks and speakers are no doubt amongst your most prized possessions. They are also essential to your trade. You will have likely invested some serious money in the top brands for the best sound quality so naturally you will want to insure your equipment, ensuring you can continue to pull in the crowds at your next gig.

Whilst covering your equipment may be a given, you should also consider the importance of DJ liability insurance. You might assume that only the big gig venues need it, but actually, any DJ needs this type of insurance to be able to work.

Why do I need DJ public liability insurance?

Many venues will not book a DJ that doesn’t have DJ public liability insurance – it’s as simple as that. Most venues will of course have their own public liability insurance, but in the event of an accident caused by the DJ’s actions, they would look to you and your insurer for settlement.

If you don’t have public liability insurance you could find yourself struggling to get any gigs at all, as venues will not take the risk to book you to play, no matter how talented or well known you are. This type of insurance is non-negotiable and it’s better to be safe than sorry at your next gig.

How can a DJ be accused of injury or loss?

Accidents can – and do – happen anywhere and to anyone and you don’t want to be paying out large amounts of money that you don’t have on compensation in the event of an accident.

A DJ public liability insurance policy would provide cover for:

A dancer tripping over your equipment cable and injuring themselves
Your DJ electrical equipment catching fire
Your speakers falling from the stage onto the crowd

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