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What is a health cash plan?

Dental bills and eye tests can leave you feeling out of pocket – even by using the NHS you can still ending up footing a bill for over a thousand pounds for a root canal topped with a crown, or a couple of hundred pounds for an eye test and a new pair of glasses.

A healthcare cash plan helps you pay for the cost of routine healthcare up to a maximum specified limit, rather than covering the unpredictable events that a health insurance policy protects you from.

If you want to spread the cost of some of your family’s health costs with a regular, monthly payment, a health cash plan might be the answer. This way you avoid being hit with a large bill which takes you by surprise.

Anyone receiving treatment will be required to pay at the time of their appointment, retain their receipt then claim the cost back via their health cash plan.

What does a health cash plan cover?

Health cash plan benefits can include payment towards everyday expenses such as a dentist or an optician. Some health cash plans also cover treatments from tooth whitening to massages.

A health cash plan is an affordable way to claim back the cost of everyday routine healthcare treatment and check ups including:

  1. Eye tests
  2. Dental treatment
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Osteopathy
  5. Acupuncture
  6. Chiropractic treatment
  7. Chiropody
  8. Health screenings
  9. Specialist consultations
  10. Maternity care

Hospital treatment is covered through day surgery which gives you a payout for one day, or alternatively as a hospital in-patient, which gives you a payout for each night in hospital.

Health cash plans as an employee benefit

A health cash plan often forms part of an employee benefits package, as this type of health cover is an ideal way to reward and retain employees. The plan can be paid for by either you as an employer, or by your employees.

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