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What is pub insurance?

Many people dream of running their own pub, having the freedom to make it their own – whether to have an open fire or gastro pub kitchen, deciding what will play on the jukebox and spending your time chatting to your customers while you pull pints.

On the other hand, running a pub or bar comes with its risks and challenges and as such you need a specialist level of insurance cover to protect your livelihood.  

What if a member of staff slips behind the bar on spilt beer, or a customer trips or slips as they are walking through your venue? Slips on spilt drinks are common but they can be costly if the person decides to claim against you.

You may want to protect your cash profits, in which case you will also need specific insurance to protect you from loss if you have to close your business – temporarily or permanently – due to an event like a flood or fire.

What types of venue can benefit from pub insurance?

There are numerous venues that can be protected by pub insurance – it doesn’t just cover pubs:

  • Bars
  • Function and event venues
  • Late night venues
  • Nightclubs

What is covered by a pub insurance policy?

The specific policy will vary and can be customized to suit your individual needs, but a pub insurance policy will typically include:

You can also add cover for loss of licence to serve alcohol which would be devastating for a business such as a pub or bar, as this comprises the majority of trade. This added level of protection can financially compensate for some of the loss.

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