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What is landlord contents insurance?

Renting out a property comes with certain risks. You can never 100% trust that your tenants will care for your property like you would. They can cause accidental damage like leaving a tap running or an iron switched on and they don’t have the same personal interest in the property as you do.

With that in mind, you can insure the contents of your let property against risks such as flooding, fire and theft with a specialist landlord contents insurance policy.

Do I need landlord contents insurance?

Landlord contents insurance is particularly important if you are renting out a furnished or part-furnished property. Items such as sofas, TV and beds within the property all need to be protected against loss or damage and the cost all adds up.

If your rental property is unfurnished, you may still wish to cover any white goods and carpets with a contents insurance policy.

What is covered by landlord contents insurance?

You can tailor your policy to suit your own needs. You can cover:

  1. Damage to flooring such as carpet, laminate flooring, wooden flooring and tiles
  2. Alternative accommodation for tenants if the property is uninhabitable for a period of time
  3. Replacement locks if they are damaged in a burglary or the keys are lost

What is exempt from landlord contents insurance?

Landlord contents insurance doesn’t cover general wear and tear, or any items belonging to your tenants. Tenants will need to insure their contents under a separate tenants contents insurance policy.


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