Cleaning Industry Insurance

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While cleaning as an industry may seem straightforward, it actually incorporates many risks which need to be covered or your business could suffer financially or, at worst, close. Specialist cleaning industry insurance is vital as it will cover all those risks which are unique to your line of work, whether that be damage to property that you are working in, using chemicals or the responsibility of keeping your clients’ door keys secure.

What does cleaning Industry Insurance include?

You can choose from a variety  types of cleaning industry insurance policies to suit your own business. You can cover specifics including:

  • Damage to property
  • Failure to secure the building you are cleaning
  • Treatment risks
  • Loss of a client’s keys
  • Criminal defence
  • Unauthorized use of telephones

As standard you should make sure your cleaning industry insurance includes:

1. Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is important if you are providing a cleaning service or cleaning product advice to anyone. It will protect you from any claims made against you by clients saying that advice you gave was negligent.

2. Employer’s liability insurance

In short, employer’s liability is required by law if you have people working for you. If a cleaner is injured whilst working for your business and you don’t have employer liability cover, you could find yourself having to pay any compensation and legal costs.

Any cleaner working for you could claim, whether they are:

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • A sub contractor

3. Public liability insurance

If you cause damage to your client’s property while you are cleaning or you cause an injury to a member of the public by leaving your cleaning appliances in a hallway causing them to trip and harm themselves, they could claim compensation against you.

Public liability cover will take care of these costs and protect your livelihood.

4. Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance will cover any legal costs and compensation if a product supplied, stored, sold, manufactured or handled in connection with your cleaning business causes injury or illness to a third party.

5. Office insurance

If your cleaning business has an office base, an office insurance policy covers your office ‘contents’ – including desks, computers, chairs and telephones – from damage or theft.

6. Business contents insurance

For any cleaning business, the theft or damage of your cleaning equipment could be a disaster, as the job simply can’t be done without the necessary equipment. Business contents insurance will provide cover for any of the items that you can’t work without.

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