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Media insurance has had to evolve over the past few years as technology changes. The continual change means that advertising and media agencies face new risks and, as such, you must make sure you are adequately protected against these.

What does advertising and media agency insurance include?

As standard, your media insurance package should include:

1. Professional indemnity insurance

If your client doesn’t get the result that they expect, they could sue you. This is where professional indemnity insurance comes into its own – it will cover the costs of any legal action and compensation if needed.

Advertising and media agencies can also face Intellectual property disputes, for example if you accidentally use an image without consent.

Professional indemnity could also cover you if you accidentally breach industry regulations. For instance, if you work on television advertising, if you don’t meet this legal criteria you could be vulnerable to legal action against you.

2. Employer’s liability insurance

You are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance as part of your media insurance package if you have any employees, whether they are part-time, contractors or full-time. If an employee becomes ill or injured at work, they could sue you for damages.

3. Public liability insurance

Public liability is an important type of insurance to include in your media insurance package as it safeguards your business if you or any staff members cause injury or property damage to a third party.

In a media or advertising agency you could be at risk working on sets where you are filming but it’s not only clearly dangerous stunt work on a set which presents a risk – even someone visiting your office and tripping over some cabling could seek compensation.

4. Office insurance

Office insurance protects your business against events such as burglary or fire damaging your property, which can have a substantial impact on your finances if you need to cover the cost of repairs.

5. Business contents insurance

As an advertising and media agency you will probably have a lot of valuable equipment to insure such as filming equipment, computers and TV screens. Business contents cover will pay to replace this equipment if it is damaged, lost or stolen. Portable insurance will cover you when you take any equipment out of the office to film, interview or report.

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