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Having a speedboat is an endless source of enjoyment, from a lazy morning exploring the river to a thrilling afternoon cruising on the lake. But these powerful craft can move at a serious pace, and just like a vehicle on the road they need the right protection in place – for you and for other users of the water. Getting a comprehensive speedboat insurance policy that covers all eventualities is an essential before you step on board.

What does speedboat insurance cover?

Speedboat insurance gives you the peace of mind that you and your boat are completely protected, leaving you free to enjoy travelling the waterways worry-free. 

A speedboat insurance policy should cover:

  • Travel up to a maximum speed, usually of around 50 knots (approx. 58 mph)
  • Cruising on the inland and coastal waters of the UK (and in Europe as an optional extra, often for a fixed period of time)
  • Other people driving the boat with your express permission
  • Theft while moored in marinas, and other types of mooring including swing, pile, trot and pontoon
  • Accidental damage caused by other craft
  • Malicious damage
  • Salvage charges in the event of such damage
  • Third party liability in case your boat causes damage to another boat, person or property
  • Accidental damage during road transit if you regularly tow your boat

How much is speedboat insurance cover?

The cost of your speedboat insurance will depend on a number of factors. These include:


  • The top speed of your boat
  • The value of your boat
  • The age of your boat
  • Your regular mooring type (although some policies cover multiple types)
  • Your regular mooring location in the UK or abroad
  • Your marine experience
  • Your claims history

Many policies also have a wide range of optional extras which can be added, including extended travel abroad, winter cover (for coastal waters) and water ski liability.

Speedboat insurance quotes

Many speedboat insurance providers allow you to build your own policy in a flexible way to suit your needs, adding extras only as and when you need them. This is especially useful if you only use your speedboat periodically or at certain times of the year. You can also benefit from a no claims discount. Get a speedboat insurance quote today from the insurance experts at Heath Crawford to find out what type of policy will work best for you.

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Don’t run the risk of taking to the water without the right cover. Whatever type of boat you’ve got, at Heath Crawford we are experts in vehicle and marine insurance, working with some of the most well-known and reputable providers. 

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Other types of boat insurance

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Do I need a licence for my boat?

Depending on whether you use your boat on inland waterways or at sea in the UK, the requirements vary. However, you should register your boat with the relevant authority, obtain the correct insurance and apply for a licence when you have met these requirements.

Can anyone drive my boat if it is insured?

This depends on the specifics of the policy, but in many cases anyone can drive your speedboat under an insurance policy where they have your express permission.

How fast can I drive my speedboat?

The speed you can drive your boat at depends on what you are insured for – many policies cover up to a specific speed in knots. You must also follow the regulations signposted on specific waterways, and restrictions can be particularly tight around harbours and busy areas.

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