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Property comes in an array of sizes and varies from domestic to commercial use. To protect your property – whether a single home or an extensive portfolio – we offer bespoke insurance policies to fit your individual property requirements.

Think what you stand to lose if you do not have sufficient property insurance – can you afford extensive repairs, or the potential cost of rebuilding your entire property? From protecting bricks and mortar against natural disaster or vandalism to safeguarding precious contents against theft or damage, make sure that you have covered your most expensive investments.

Fine art includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and objets d’art. Your collection might be worth more than you think, so it makes sense to insure it against loss or damage with a specialist fine art insurance policy.

Standard buildings and contents insurance policies will not cover you if your property is unoccupied for long periods of time. Specialist unoccupied property insurance covers your property against theft, fire or flood damage if it is unoccupied for more than 30 days.

Tenants can cause accidental damage to a rental property and they don’t have the same personal interest in your property as you do. Insure the contents of your let property against risks such as flooding, fire and theft with a specialist landlord contents insurance policy.

Also known as buy to let insurance, let property insurance is vital if you are a buy to let landlord, as a standard home insurance policy will not provide the cover you need.

Insure your high-value possessions against loss, damage or theft. Cover your jewellery, watches and fine art plus TVs, tablets and computers, with a bespoke insurance policy which will provide the specialist cover you need.