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Whether you are part of a business partnership or you are a sole trader, a consultant or a startup, you can choose the policy that is the perfect fit for your business needs. If you can’t see a category that fits your business from our comprehensive cover, we can tailor the perfect cover to find solutions that are unique to your business. Think of your insurance package as a tailor-made selection of policies to make sure that the future stability of your business is secure.

Fledgling businesses are very vulnerable to risk and so business insurance for startups is essential for their success and growth. Many types of insurance are needed by law and some are there to give you the confidence to create the business that you have dreamed of.

If you are a victim of theft or damage or you make a mistake, it could mean the end for your business if you do not have specialist working from home insurance. Don’t put your business at risk – make sure that you are covered.

If you are unable to work due to injury or illness or a client sues you for more money than you have, you have everything to lose if you aren’t protected. Take on projects without worry with freelancer insurance.

Having sole trader insurance in place will set you ahead of your competitors when you pitch to clients, plus you will be able to run your business with the peace of mind that you and your business are protected if the worst was to happen.

You can tailor your professional insurance package to suit your business needs. Some insurance policies may be required by law, whilst others are wise to include as they could ultimately protect your company against costly claims.

If you work as a contractor, you need to protect you and your business against any financial risks and also cover your legal responsibilities. Clients will legally require you to have insurance before entering into a contract with you.

You will be able to operate more competitively if you are protected against any negative outcome. Consultant insurance ensures your consultancy business can continue to run whatever happens.

Specifically designed to provide cover to those who work for themselves rather than an employer, self employed insurance can be tailored to your own unique business needs.

Any business is exposed to natural disaster and accidents. Your business must be sufficiently insured to protect your staff and yourself, plus your day to day business activity and your premises.

Things never go to plan on a building site, so insurance cover for work that you are in the midst of, plus cover for almost any damage or loss from severe weather to theft is key.