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Once you have defined your essential business insurance cover, it’s time to consider cover that is more specialised. You might have some more specific business needs in your industry and you don’t want them to slip through the net so that if the worst happens you are still liable to pay the costs of a claim. There are many types of business insurance available to ensure you have comprehensive cover for your company.

Complement your standard health insurance policy with Medex Protect, a medical excess and shortfall protection plan which generates savings on your healthcare premiums.

Spread the cost of your healthcare with a healthcare cash plan which helps you pay for the cost of routine healthcare treatment and appointments up to a maximum specified limit.

It is advisable to put your money where your mouth is! The dental health of you and your family is important. If you need regular dental check ups, dental insurance could help to lower your costs.

Company health insurance is offered as an employment benefit, giving your employees access to private medical facilities so they can avoid NHS waiting times for a faster diagnosis.

Death in service cover is a type of life insurance which pays out a tax free lump sum to beneficiaries if an employee dies whilst in employment.