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Once you have defined your essential business insurance cover, it’s time to consider cover that is more specialised. You might have some more specific business needs in your industry and you don’t want them to slip through the net so that if the worst happens you are still liable to pay the costs of a claim. There are many types of business insurance available to ensure you have comprehensive cover for your company.

What would happen to your business if an entire shipment were lost? If that seems unthinkable then you need to consider safeguarding your cargo with the relevant insurance.

If you supply products to the public, you are liable to make sure those products are safe. Product liability insurance covers your business against injury or damage caused by a product you have sold, supplied, designed or repaired.

Don’t worry if you knock a glass of red wine all over the sofa or carpet – your accidental damage insurance policy will pay out for items that are damaged due to an accident or spillage.

You are required by law to have commercial vehicle insurance. A standard vehicle insurance policy will does not offer the same level of protection and you risk a fine or driving ban if you are caught driving uninsured.

From tiling to carpentry and roofing, a career as a tradesman has its own risks. Protect yourself and your employees against injuries and accidents and enjoy total peace of mind in your trade.

From hair dye to heat treatments, there are many accidents that can occur in salons due to the nature of the industry. Make sure your business is protected if a client claims against you.

Protect your pub or bar with specialist insurance cover, designed to protect your building, contents and stock, plus liability cover and business interruption.

Protect your reputation and secure your next gig with DJ public liability insurance, which provides cover for any accidents or injuries sustained by third parties.

If you own a retail business which operates within a commercial property or an online shop, you can protect your livelihood against claims, loss and damage.

From a small business party to a conference, public liability insurance covers you from claims made by third parties if they are injured or suffer loss or damage to their property at an event you organise.

The only type of business insurance that is required by law if you have at least one employee, employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of claims from employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Things never go to plan on a building site, so insurance cover for work that you are in the midst of, plus cover for almost any damage or loss from severe weather to theft is key.

Marine cargo insurance does not just cover goods at sea. It insures your essential stock, freight and cargo against damage or loss caused during transportation by sea, air or land.

It is advisable to put your money where your mouth is! The dental health of you and your family is important. If you need regular dental check ups, dental insurance could help to lower your costs.

It is vital that you protect all the assets that you rely on to keep your business trading. The ideal way to do this is with comprehensive business contents insurance.