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The insurance requirements of a manufacturing business are naturally very different from businesses who provide a service, so we offer bespoke insurance cover that is tailored to the needs of your profession.

We are conscious of the specific legal intricacies within advertising and media agencies and we understand what happens behind the scenes in the retail sector. Each profession has its own set of risks which are common to that particular industry and we use our specialist knowledge to cover a diverse range of businesses.

As a recruitment consultant you are privy to confidential information and also complete personal background checks on a daily basis, so it is essential to protect yourself against potential claims around data breaches.

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If you are a tradesman or you work in construction, you and your employees could be climbing ladders and walking on wet surfaces on a daily basis. Even if you make sure all the correct health and safety measures are in place, accidents and costly claims can happen, so make sure you are properly covered.

There are a large number of pet care businesses providing a service for a nation of pet lovers – from dog groomers and walkers to breeders and pet shops. As a result, there is a wide range of pet business insurance available to cater for the specific requirements of your job in the industry.

This specific profession is often a minefield for litigation and the responsibilities in your job demand that you must be able to produce inventory clerk’s insurance on request. Make sure you are sufficiently covered with a bespoke policy.

You provide risk assessment as part of your consultancy process for your clients, but you shouldn’t forget about the risks to your own business. Whether you work in health and safety, environmental management or fire safety management, specialist insurance cover will give you ultimate peace of mind.

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As an engineer you solve problems with your innovations – don’t let the threat of risk hold back your creativity. Specialist engineering insurance uses specific industry expertise to make sure that you you are covered.

Specialist cleaning industry insurance is vital as it will cover all those risks which are unique to your line of work, whether that is damage to property that you are working in, using chemicals or keeping your clients’ door keys secure.

Operating in the beauty industry means you will be trying new treatments, new products and new equipment for the latest styles and looks and that always comes with risk. Make sure you are sufficiently covered against any potential risk or claim with the right beauty insurance cover.

Design and build projects involve huge sums of money so the amount you may have to pay out can be considerable if you face a claim. An architects and surveyors insurance package allows you to do your job without worry.

From small independent shops to large outlets and from stock damage to supply chain problems, it is vital that you are covered by sufficient retailer insurance to maintain your sales continuity if something goes wrong.

Wholesalers and manufacturers share common risks within their business, so it makes sense that you are protected with similar policies, whether you are a large manufacturer with multiple factories or a small sole trader making your own products.

The continual advances in technology mean that advertising and media agencies face ever-changing new risks. Make sure you are adequately protected by specialist media insurance which evolves to meet new developments within your industry.

You analyse the risks your clients are dealing with and you put controls in place to reduce those risks, so it makes sense for you to protect your own business in the same way with specialist insurance for management consultants.

From hair dye to heat treatments, there are many accidents that can occur in salons due to the nature of the industry. Make sure your business is protected if a client claims against you.

Protect your pub or bar with specialist insurance cover, designed to protect your building, contents and stock, plus liability cover and business interruption.

Protect your reputation and secure your next gig with DJ public liability insurance, which provides cover for any accidents or injuries sustained by third parties.

If you own a retail business which operates within a commercial property or an online shop, you can protect your livelihood against claims, loss and damage.

This policy covers against specific risks associated with a commercial property such as a shop, office or restaurant, plus the risks attached to tenants renting the property.