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What is fine art insurance?

You don’t need to have a Monet hanging on your living room wall to need fine art insurance. Generally, if you have art worth over £100,000, it’s worth speaking to us today about getting specialist fine art insurance, whether it’s for paintings, drawings, sculptures or objets d’art.

Whether you are an art buyer or collector, you have inherited a painting or sculpture, or you’ve treated yourself to a purchase or two over the years, it is worth getting your art valued for insurance purposes.

We have all seen those prized reactions to valuations on The Antiques Roadshow and your collection might be worth more than you think, so it makes sense to insure it.

Why do I need fine art insurance?

You need fine art insurance if:

  • You have art worth over £100,000
  • You have inherited an art collection
  • You want to display your art, rather than keep it in a safe
  • Your art collection is not covered by a standard home contents insurance policy

What does a fine art insurance policy cover?

Fine art insurance cover can be tailored to suit you and your unique art collection, but it will often include:

  • Accidental loss and damage cover
  • ‘All risks’ worldwide cover
  • An agreed valuation
  • Compensation for any loss in original value due to damage, plus the cost of restoration
  • A choice of cash or replacement after a claim
  • Set replacement – with the option for a full replacement cost if the piece is damaged
  • A percentage uplift should the artist pass away and the value of art increase
  • You only need to specify a piece of fine art on your insurance policy if it has an article limit over £25,000

What other art insurance options do I have?

If you have a fine art collection worth under £100,000 that your home insurers can’t provide cover for, we have home insurance options that can help. Speak to us about high value home insurance today to see what we can do for you.

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