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What is cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is a specific type of business insurance policy which protects your goods whilst they are in transit. You will receive compensation if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Transport costs will also be refunded.

You, the shipper, are in charge of making any appropriate cargo insurance arrangements. In rare circumstances, the carrier or freight forwarder will directly mention to you the option of insuring cargo.


If you transport cargo in the UK or overseas, you would benefit from the peace of mind that cargo insurance provides.

Cargo insurance covers any physical loss, physical damage or theft of goods during transit, import, export or domestic transport. This means that you are covered in case your cargo is stolen, or even in the event of incidental storage.

Taking out a comprehensive cargo insurance policy means your business can keep thriving and you are protected from any potential losses which may occur during transport

What does a cargo insurance policy cover?

Cargo insurance insures you against the following while your cargo is in transit:

  • Damaged goods
  • Lost or stolen goods
  • Shipping delays

If you are shipping to unusual or risky locations, you should also consider looking into cargo insurance to cover your goods should they be lost, damaged or delayed.

Who needs cargo insurance?

If the value of your cargo is higher than the maximum amount your freight forwarder is liable for, you need to take out cargo insurance. The liability of carriers is limited by law in international trade, so it is in fact very common for the compensation to be lower than your actual loss.

It is your responsibility as the shipper to arrange adequate cargo insurance. Sometimes the freight forwarder will offer insurance as a feature to the customer which can be more costly than having your own policy.

What is the cost of cargo insurance?

The cost of cargo insurance cover will depend on:

  • The value of the goods being transported
  • The destination of the goods
  • How the goods are being transported

How Much Cargo Insurance Do I need?

When it comes to cargo insurance you should always get a policy that covers the whole goods in transit of your cargo for the right value. So the amount of insurance needed is to cover the total value by 110% of the commercial invoice, plus freight and duties fees on all of your cargo shipments.

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