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What is personal accident and sickness insurance?

Imagine that you couldn’t work due to ill health or injury. How would you pay your rent or mortgage? If the very idea makes your blood pressure rise, you need to look into accident and sickness insurance.

With so many outgoings in our daily lives and stretched household budgets, many of us save on things like insurance so that we can afford the lifestyle that we want, such as going on holidays or eating out. However, turning a blind eye to insurance could have financial repercussions should you get ill or suffer an injury.

What does accident and sickness insurance cover?

Accident and sickness insurance provides you with financial protection if you are too sick or injured to be able to work.

You will normally receive a percentage of your salary per week after a 7 or 14 day excess period for up to 104  weeks, if you suffer an injury or a temporary illness, or alternatively a lump-sum payment if you are left unable to work permanently as a result of illness or injury.

What types of accident and sickness insurance are there?

There are two main types of long term accident and sickness insurance to choose from:

  1. Long-term accident and sickness insurance – these policies are the most expensive, but you can relax knowing that you are covered if you are unable to work for more than a year
  2. Short-term accident and sickness insurance – cheaper than long-term policies, but they aren’t as comprehensive. This type of policy covers you if you are unable to work for a shorter length of time


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