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If you own a high value boat it is likely to be one of your most prized possessions, so you need to insure it accordingly.

A luxury yacht or speedboat with a powerful engine needs a different level of specialist marine insurance cover than a less powerful small boat.

What does a high value boat insurance policy cover?

You should cover any eventuality – whether your boat is on or off the water – with:

  • Underwater damage cover – provides cover for damage to the hull or other mechanical parts which sit below the waterline
  • Personal accident cover – to cover any accidents or injuries whilst you are on board
  • Theft cover – you can cover the theft of your entire boat if it is on the water, off the water or in transit. You can also cover the theft of parts

What does a small boat insurance policy cover?

A small boat insurance policy provides specialist cover for a small boat or marine craft, classified as measuring below 23ft and powered by paddles, oars, a sail or an outboard engine.

You can tailor your small boat insurance policy to meet your own individual needs, with cover for:

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Racing boats

You can also choose cover for your boat while it is in transit or moored, plus protection for your boat and yourself once you’re on the water.

Marine legal protection and marine contents cover can also be included in your boat insurance policy.

Do I need marine legal protection?

While you’re sure to love heading out on the water in your boat on a sunny day, things can go wrong and accidents can happen at sea.

If you have an accident or damage another boat, or have a problem with the sale or purchase of a boat, marine legal protection will provide the cover you need, both financial and legal.

For your own peace of mind, marine legal protection is a wise choice – you can then sail off without worrying about the unexpected.

Which types of boat insurance are available?

Like your car insurance policy, you can choose third party boat insurance or comprehensive boat insurance. You can also protect your no-claims discount in the same way as your car insurance. Speedboat insurance is the other type of boat insurance available at Heath Crawford.

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