Business Insurance Covers

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A substantial percentage of your company’s budget will be put aside for insurance to avoid greater costs in the future. It is therefore key to understand the difference between policy covers and to figure out exactly what your company needs as a safety net.

Each individual business will have needs that vary, so it is important to think about what makes your business unique. Think of specific business insurance covers as a selection, tailoring the insurance cover to suit your business exactly and giving you piece of mind that you have adequate protection behind you.

What is IR35? If you are a contractor who operates under their own limited company then awareness of IR35 is paramount.  First introduced in 2000 […]

Insurance covers you against risk and with rapidly developing technology, these risks can shift and expand quickly in the technology industry. Specialist technology insurance will protect your business against an array of events that could have a severe financial impact.

If you work in the transport and freight industry you need to keep moving forward, whatever obstacles may get in your way. All your specialist vehicles can be covered by policies tailored to each vehicle and mode of transport used in your business.

What would happen to your business if an entire shipment were lost? If that seems unthinkable then you need to consider safeguarding your cargo with the relevant insurance.

If you supply products to the public, you are liable to make sure those products are safe. Product liability insurance covers your business against injury or damage caused by a product you have sold, supplied, designed or repaired.

Don’t worry if you knock a glass of red wine all over the sofa or carpet – your accidental damage insurance policy will pay out for items that are damaged due to an accident or spillage.

You are required by law to have commercial vehicle insurance. A standard vehicle insurance policy will does not offer the same level of protection and you risk a fine or driving ban if you are caught driving uninsured.

From tiling to carpentry and roofing, a career as a tradesman has its own risks. Protect yourself and your employees against injuries and accidents and enjoy total peace of mind in your trade.

From a small business party to a conference, public liability insurance covers you from claims made by third parties if they are injured or suffer loss or damage to their property at an event you organise.

The only type of business insurance that is required by law if you have at least one employee, employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of claims from employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Marine cargo insurance does not just cover goods at sea. It insures your essential stock, freight and cargo against damage or loss caused during transportation by sea, air or land.

It is vital that you protect all the assets that you rely on to keep your business trading. The ideal way to do this is with comprehensive business contents insurance.

Motor fleet insurance means you bulk buy your insurance from just one provider, allowing you to take advantage of a discount when buying a large amount at a lower price.

An all-inclusive business cover in a single policy, bringing together a range of covers all-in-one. This insurance cover gives all round financial security for your complete peace of mind.

Your office is your home from home – many people spend more time in their office than they do in their house, so it is essential to protect your environment with insurance against theft or damage.

Being a director or an officer of a company holds responsibilities and exposes you to personal liability for the actions of staff. This could result in a large fine or even a prison term unless you protect yourself with directors and officers insurance.

The bad news is that data breaches in online systems are now as much of a certainty as death and taxes. The good news is that cyber liability insurance in the UK provides you with a safety net.

If your business is accused of providing inadequate services, advice or designs to a client, PI insurance provides cover for the legal costs of defending the claim, plus any compensation.