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Whether you’re an independent consultant, a small consulting firm, or part of a larger consultancy, having the right insurance coverage is essential for mitigating risks and ensuring the longevity of your business.

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Consultant insurance is a specialised type of coverage designed to protect professionals in the consulting industry from various risks and liabilities associated with their work. 

Consultants provide valuable expertise and advice to clients, but with this role comes the potential for legal disputes, financial losses, and unforeseen challenges. Consultant insurance offers a safety net, helping you navigate these complexities with confidence.


Legal Protection: In the highly litigious business environment, consultants may face legal challenges from dissatisfied clients, competitors, or other parties. Insurance provides financial protection for legal defence and settlements.

Client Requirements: Many clients require consultants to have insurance before entering into a contract. Having the right coverage not only meets client expectations but also enhances your professional credibility.

Risk Management: Running a consulting business involves inherent risks. Consultant insurance is a proactive approach to risk management, helping you navigate uncertainties and unexpected challenges with confidence.

Financial Security: Insurance ensures that your business has a financial safety net in case of unexpected events. This security allows you to focus on providing excellent consulting services without constant worry about potential liabilities.

What does consultant insurance include?

You can tailor your consultant insurance package to suit your individual business needs, but as standard your cover should include

1. Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is a crucial part of your consultant insurance, as this will protect you from any claims made against you by clients saying that advice you gave is negligent.

A professional indemnity policy might include cover for:

  • Loss of documents or client information
  • Defamation
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights, like copyrights or trademarks
  • Virus transmission
  • Breach of Contract

You aren’t required to have professional indemnity insurance by law, but many professional consulting institutions recommend that you do. The Institute of Consulting for example doesn’t advise on a set amount of cover, as it is really up to you to think about what risks your area of consulting entails and find the policy that is best for you.

Ideally, this is not something to scrimp on and it is advisable to take out the largest cover you can afford as legal bills from an unhappy client could reach into many thousands of pounds.

2. Employer’s liability insurance

If you are a sole trader this insurance will not apply to you, but employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have any employees. If an employee of yours gets injured at work, they could sue you for damages. No matter how much you trust a person or create a safe working environment, if the worst happens, employer’s liability will cover your legal fees, plus any compensation you might have to pay.

3. Public liability insurance

As a consultant you will often be out and about visiting clients and seeing for yourself how their business runs. You may also have clients visiting your office. Public liability insurance covers you if someone is injured or their property is damaged while they are working with you – for example if they trip up on a cable in your office and injure themselves or drop and break their laptop as they fall.

4. Office insurance

An office insurance policy covers your office ‘contents’ – including desks, computers, chairs and telephones – from damage or theft.

Portable insurance covers any items that you take with you to client meetings and into clients’ offices, such as your laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

5. Building insurance

Buildings insurance cover is important whether you work from home or have an office that you travel to. Buildings insurance covers the office building structure, indoor fixtures and flooring.Some building

insurance policies cover your home and home office together, to protect your domestic buildings from damage caused by something like a storm or fire.


Selecting the right consultant insurance requires a thorough understanding of your business needs, industry risks, and the scope of your services. Consulting with an experienced insurance professional, such as us here at Heath Crawford, can help tailor a policy that aligns with your specific requirements.

Investing in consultant insurance is an investment in the longevity and success of your career and consultation business. Don’t leave your professional path unprotected—explore our insurance options today and secure a resilient future for your consultancy. 

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How much does Consultant Insurance Cost?
Cover can start from as little as £100 per year. The price is calculated based on your Turnover and the type of consultancy work you do.

Is Consultant Insurance mandatory by law?
No, consultant isnurance isnt mandatory by law, but, it is highly recommended and it may become a requirement if you are signing up to client’s terms. You could find yourself with a breach of contract claim being made against you, if stipulated that you needed the cover and you decided not to take it.

Are there industry-specific insurance policies for consultants?
Yes. Many of the insurers offer policies specifically tailored for Management Consultants, Business Consultants, HR Consultants and IT Consultants.

Are there coverage options for temporary consultants or project-based work?
Yes, cover can be arranged for single contract projects which are often more cost effective and offer a period of extended reporting periods.

Can insurance protect against reputational damage for consultants?
Yes. Many of the policies will provide an element of cover between £25,000 to £50,000 to enable PR coverage.