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What is shop insurance?

Broadly speaking, shop insurance is a specific type of insurance designed for retail businesses which operate within a commercial property, but it can also provide cover for online shops.

Businesses which provide a service, such as hairdressing salons and florists, are also covered by shop insurance.

It certainly pays to invest in a comprehensive shop insurance policy as it will cover:

  • Your customers’ property – via public liability insurance
  • Your stock, fixtures and fittings – via buildings and contents insurance
  • Your costs and loss or revenue if your trading is forced to stop – via business interruption insurance

What features does shop insurance have?

Each individual insurance policy will vary but typically shop insurance will include:

  • Shop contents insurance – if you turned your shop upside down, anything that didn’t fall is covered in with the building insurance and anything that did fall needs to be included in your contents insurance
  • Business interruption – pays for loss of income and expenses in the event that your business is forced to stop trading
  • The rebuild cost – if your property becomes destroyed

Shop insurance cover might also include:

  • Glass  – essentially insurance for the ‘shop front’. The glass may be covered by a basic cover, but you still might have a window decal or other signage and this is covered as an additional option
  • Frozen food – huge amounts of money can be lost if your freezers break or there is a power cut and frozen food spoils
  • Loss of licence – provides cover for the loss of income and value of your business if you lose your licence to sell alcohol
  • Legal cover – if your business was involved in legal action against a third party

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