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Why do you need tradesman insurance?

Being a tradesman can be a risky business. There can be dangerous situations pretty much everywhere. Whether you are an electrician, a gardener, a carpenter or a mason, many trades involve precarious climbing to high locations or using hand tools or machinery which can be dangerous if they are not operated correctly.

Tradesman insurance has to be a top priority to protect yourself, your employees and those around you. No matter how careful you are or how many safety precautions you take, accidents happen, so tradesman insurance acts as peace of mind, allowing you to reap the rewards from the skill of your trade without worrying.

What does tradesman insurance include?

Typically, tradesman insurance policies will include:

  • Contract works cover – to protect a construction site from loss as a result of flood, fire or theft
  • Public liability insurance – to provide cover for accidents and injuries, plus damage to property
  • Employers’ liability insurance – compulsory if you are an employer to cover any claims from employees for injury or illness. A legal minimum of £5m of cover applies
  • Professional indemnity insurance – protects your business if a client accuses you of making a mistake or providing poor service
  • Personal accident cover – provides cover for serious injury or death as a result of an accident in the workplace. Can pay out to cover lost income and medical expenses
  • Plant and equipment cover – to cover any costs that occur with either your own plant or hired in plant, such as a concrete mixer or forklift
  • Business buildings cover – to protect your business premises, including fixtures and fittings
  • Business contents insurance – to protect your business office equipment such as computers and telephones
  • Tool insurance – covers your business essential tools against loss, damage or theft
  • Business interruption insurance – provides financial cover if your trade is interrupted by an event such as a fire or flood
  • Business legal protection insurance – covers commercial legal expenses and the cost of any required legal action

Each trade includes a unique set of risks, so your insurance policy can be tailored to your own specific job or trade to meet your needs.

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