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What is Medex Protect?

Medex Protect is a specialist medical excess and shortfall protection plan, which complements your standard health insurance policy. Medex Protect is designed to generate savings on your healthcare premiums.

With all of the costs that come out of your monthly salary, you’re sure to be looking for savings that where you can, as these can make the difference to whether you decide to go on that weekend away, or your child can enjoy that extra after school activity.

One way of making a saving is to reduce your premium on your medical cover by bolting on an excess and shortfall insurance policy from Medex Protect.

How does Medex Protect work?

Medex Protect allows you to tailor your existing private healthcare policy by increasing an excess if you already have one, or introducing an excess if you don’t.

You will receive a discount from your healthcare insurance provider, then Medex Protect provide your healthcare insurance, with a reimbursement for the cost of the excess if you make a claim – known as excess insurance.

  1. You go into hospital and receive private medical treatment
  2. You claim the costs on your private health insurance
  3. Your health insurance requires you to pay a non-refundable excess (normally £50-£250) before they pay for the cost of your treatment
  4. You then claim the cost of the excess back from Medex Protect
  5. You will not have to worry about a shortfall

What is an excess?

The excess is the sum you have agreed to pay when you make a claim on your healthcare insurance policy. Typically, the higher the excess you agree, the lower the cost of the premium.

What is a shortfall?

Shortfalls crop up when there is a discrepancy between the agreed amount of cover from your insurance provider and the amount charged by the hospital for your treatment. Medex Protect will cover a shortfall of up to £500.

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