How has your private medical insurance responded to the coronavirus?

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As your trusted insurance partner, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that you are facing. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring about extraordinary change that affects every facet of life and work in the UK on a daily basis. We hope that as the weeks have progressed, you and your loved ones have begun to settle into this new way of living, and you are managing to protect that which is most important to you. At Heath Crawford we are here to help you do that.

Our priority during this period of global instability is to continue providing the service that you have come to expect from us, to the very highest standard that we can, and to keep you updated regularly as we do so. We know that you may have specific questions about your private health insurance provider, policy and how it has been impacted by Covid-19, and now that we are further into this new phase and answers to some of these questions have begun to emerge, we want to provide greater clarity around them.

How has my insurance policy changed under my health insurance provider?

The extent to which your health insurance policy has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak depends upon your provider. Below we have outlined the main changes announced by each of the main providers that we work with:


Customers who are experiencing financial difficulties should speak directly to Aviva about possible assistance by calling 0800 092 4590

What services is Aviva continuing to provide?

With the NHS cancelling non-urgent medical procedures, and partnering with independent hospitals in order to maximise capacity for Covid-19 patients, private healthcare providers are having to make similar cancellations. However, Aviva has stated that not only will urgent care continue without disruption, but its customers will benefit from ongoing access to services and benefits including physiotherapy, mental health support, NHS cash benefit, dental and optical services and minor surgery.

Will Aviva be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

They have also clarified that at present there is no additional cover for patients being screened or tested for coronavirus.


If you have specific questions about financial difficulties with regards to your health insurance plan, please call Axa’s personal advisers directly on 0800 132 203.

What services is Axa continuing to provide?

All of Axa’s customers in the UK have continued access to a range of services in the wake of the reallocation of private hospital space to the NHS, depending upon the specifics of their policy. These include consultations over the phone and online with their virtual service Doctor@Hand, cancer treatment at home (where appropriate), remote assessment of musculoskeletal conditions and access to mental health support.


Will Axa be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

Axa has stated that there is no current additional cover provided for the testing or treatment of coronavirus. However, the NHS cash benefit can be used by eligible members who are hospitalised with Covid-19. Axa is also offering a rebate of your premium if your claims costs are lower in 2020 as a result of coronavirus.

If you have had a treatment which has been authorised and is now delayed until after the pandemic, and you renew your cover during this period, Axa will take the excess off what it pays for your claim.


Customers who are experiencing financial difficulties and have questions about possible assistance are asked to contact Bupa directly by emailing

What services is Bupa continuing to provide?

All non-emergency procedures have been cancelled by Bupa for the foreseeable future in order to assist with the NHS effort to treat coronavirus patients. In circumstances where many patients can only take care of their health and wellbeing from home, Bupa continues to offer remote consultations including digital GP services, as well as expanding mental health support services. 24/7 health advice from nurses is available, as is support for family emotional wellbeing. The validity of GP referrals has also been extended to three months.

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Will Bupa be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

Bupa has said that it will pay a cash benefit to customers who are treated for coronavirus where this is included in their policy, as well as covering treatment for mental health conditions relating to Covid-19. Bupa is offering a rebate of your premium if your claims costs are lower in 2020 as a result of coronavirus.

Bupa is also guaranteeing to cover the cost of any treatments delayed as a result of the pandemic as long as customers’ cover is renewed.


If you have concerns about financial difficulties and have questions about making changes to your Vitality policy, please contact them directly on 0345 602 3437.

What services is Vitality continuing to provide?

As well as continuing to offer urgent care despite the reduction in beds and staff, Vitality has stated that it is adapting various services to make greater use of technology. It is offering specialist consultations, as well as GP advice, by phone and video call. Mental health treatment and physiotherapy can also be carried out remotely and are continuing to operate as normal where possible. 

Will Vitality be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

Vitality has stated that all its health insurance members who are hospitalised due to Covid-19 will now be eligible to claim a new cashback benefit following their stay in an NHS hospital. 


Please contact Freedom directly on 0800 999 2013 if you have any questions or concerns regarding financial difficulties and possible assistance as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What services is Freedom continuing to provide?

Freedom has stated that it is still ascertaining exactly how treatment at private facilities will be affected by the agreement with the NHS. Urgent cancer treatments, outpatient diagnostics and remote consultations such as physiotherapy and mental health care will continue, and these are dependent upon the specifics of your plan. While GP consultations are limited by staffing needs elsewhere, Freedom will do what it can to make these possible.

Will Freedom be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

Freedom is not providing additional cover or cash benefit for Covid-19, but has stated that if patients go on to develop secondary conditions as a result of the virus then these will be covered according to their plan.


If you have questions about financial difficulties with regards to your health insurance plan, please contact WPA directly by calling 01823 625 230.

What services is WPA continuing to provide?

WPA has stated that it continues to make remote GP services available, but with a higher than average demand it may take longer than usual to get an appointment. Mental health support is also offered in accordance with individual policies.

Will WPA be providing additional cover for coronavirus?

WPA customers in the UK are covered, only according to their policy terms, if they contract coronavirus, and WPA continues to provide an NHS hospital cash benefit. 

At Heath Crawford we are committed to offering our unwavering support to all of our customers over the coming weeks and months. We understand that every one of our customers is different and has their own unique concerns and needs with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are here to support you and welcome your questions so feel free to contact us. If you have specific questions or concerns then please email