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If you run a business that uses a boat, you’ll know that planning and preparation are essential. The water is unpredictable, so having the right commercial boat insurance policy in place can underpin the future and security of your business, as well as protecting your staff, customers and equipment. There are many commercial reasons for using a water vessel, and at Heath Crawford our commercial boat insurance experts can help you find the policy that meets your company’s unique needs.

What does commercial boat insurance cover?

The specific type of commercial boat insurance policy you need will depend on what your business uses a vessel for. There are many reasons such boats can be used commercially:

  • Potting and netting for fishing
  • Mussel fishing and oyster fishing
  • Rod and line fishing
  • Surveys
  • Water sampling
  • Laying and servicing moorings
  • Supporting wind farms
  • Small passenger ferries
  • Pilot boats
  • Pleasure fishing
  • Sightseeing
  • Diving

A commercial boat insurance policy should offer comprehensive cover and may typically include the following:

  • Loss and theft, while moored or on the water
  • Onboard personal belongings
  • Outboard motors and tenders
  • Accidental or malicious damage
  • Third party liability for any damage caused to another boat, person or property, including death or injury
  • Emergency medical expenses and personal accidents onboard

How much is commercial boat insurance cover?

The cost of your commercial boat insurance policy will depend on a number of factors, including the speed, age and value of the boat. Where the boat is routinely moored is also a contributing factor to the insurance cost, as is your own marine experience and claim history. You can also add extras to your policy such as marine legal protection cover, and expanded third party cover for things like pollution.

Commercial boat insurance quotes

Many of the leading commercial boat insurance providers allow you to flexibly build a policy that suits the individual needs of your business, adding extras when they are needed. This is especially useful if your business only uses a boat for certain jobs, or if you run a seasonal boat-based business such as coastal sightseeing. Most also offer a no claims discount and an additional discount for mooring in a recognised UK marina.

Get a commercial boat insurance quote today from the insurance experts at Heath Crawford to find out what type of policy is best for protecting your business.

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Whatever your business does, and whether it relies on a boat or only uses one occasionally, make sure you don’t take to the water without adequate protection in place. At Heath Crawford we are experts in many types of vehicle and marine insurance, working with some of the most reputable and established providers.

Contact us today by filling out the enquiry form on our website, or you can email or phone 0208 421 7030. A specialist from our friendly and highly experienced team of insurance brokers will be pleased to talk through your requirements and find commercial boat cover that suits you.

Other types of boat insurance

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What are the rules for using a commercial boat at sea?

The international marine safety regulations apply at sea, and you must carry a radar reflector, registration certificate, an illustrated table of recognised life-saving signals and the appropriate distress signals. You must also carefully plan the voyage and assist other craft wherever needed.

Do I need life jackets for my commercial boat?

UK law states that if your boat is more than 13.7 metres long, it must carry life jackets, liferafts, flares and fire extinguishers. However, you must also ensure that life jackets are worn at all times whatever the size of the boat.

How do I ensure a commercial boat is seaworthy?

You should register your vessel with the UK Ship Register (UKSR) and arrange for a full survey, which will inspect the safety of its construction, control systems, onboard machinery and electrical equipment.

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