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Protection insurance is an essential part of your financial plan. Although you can do everything in your ability to remain healthy, illness is indiscriminate. If you are too ill or injured to work, your mortgage will still be paid if you have adequate protection cover. If the worst happens and you pass away, your family will not be financially burdened if you have a life insurance policy.

A critical illness insurance policy provides financial cover and security if you are diagnosed with an illness which prevents you from working.

Group protection insurance provides cover for an employee who is unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness or injury.

A relevant life insurance policy is taken out by a business to provide life insurance cover for an individual employee. It’s an alternative to death-in-service benefits for employees outside of a company life insurance scheme.

If a stakeholder in a business develops an illness or dies whilst they are in employment, it can have a major financial impact on the business. Keyman insurance takes care of the cost of replacing their salary if they can’t work due to death, illness or injury.

Shareholder protection insurance exists to maintain the stability of a business if a shareholder passes away. A policy will pay a lump sum to the remaining shareholders or business owners to purchase the individual’s shares in the company.