COVID-19 Update

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact every aspect of the way we live our lives. Faced with ongoing changes in government advice and an overwhelming level of information every day, we understand that you will have questions and concerns about your insurance policy. In order to provide clarity and reassurance, here are answers to some of the most common questions that we have been asked about Covid-19.

Does private health insurance cover the treatment of coronavirus?

Because coronavirus is a public health emergency, diagnostics and treatment are being conducted by the NHS rather than private medical providers. As such, the majority of private health insurance policies do not cover it. 

Certain policies offer cash benefits for hospital stays, and many providers have updated these in respect of the current situation.

What if coronavirus affects an existing health condition?

There are generally no restrictions on claims for underlying conditions which are exacerbated by coronavirus, as long as these were not existing conditions prior to the policy being taken out.

What if a condition is brought about as a direct result of the virus?

Generally, you can submit a claim to your insurance provider if you need planned treatment as a direct result of the virus, but this is subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Can I claim insurance cover for Covid-19 testing?

Most providers are not offering additional cover for being tested for coronavirus. However, subject to policy terms and conditions, if a GP suggests testing because you have certain symptoms then some providers may cover the cost of the test.

What happens if I lose access to some of my policy benefits as a result of the virus?

The private sector has provided resources to aid the fight against coronavirus, meaning that non-urgent treatments are likely to be delayed, while urgent care such as cancer care continues. 

Certain providers have already pledged to assess the impact of the virus on claims, and either adjust or provide rebates against your monthly premiums accordingly. You should contact us if you have questions about your specific policy.

If I renew my policy, will the terms and conditions remain the same?

Private health insurance policies have not, at present, seen changes to the terms and conditions which would affect a renewal. However, we continue to monitor the situation.

Do existing life insurance policies cover Covid-19?

If someone dies of coronavirus, their nominated beneficiary will receive the death benefit under a regular life insurance policy. Most policies contain some exclusions with regards to the cause of death, but these do not tend to include illnesses.

Does a new life insurance policy cover Covid-19?

Life insurance policies can be purchased that cover coronavirus. However, if you already know at the time of applying for the policy that you have contracted the virus, this will be excluded as it is a pre-existing condition.